Night and Day

A tiring two days for me… Now, as I catch up with Wen Chooi, Wey Lin and Yun Ceat, I am slowly ransacking my reluctant brain for details concerning the past two days. I seem to have gotten myself a little addicted to blogging, for God knows what reason… Perhaps it is just the knowledge that no one reads my blog, that I feel it so secure to pour all my feelings and emotions into one insecure web page. Probably this is also because of Caryn's blog's influence that I find it so safe to post stuff into my blog… This two days had been two busy days, in spite of me being already very tired thanks to the first half of the week. Friday felt quite long, especially with the SSEF and A*STAR Talent Search Prize Presentation. Truthfully, the only reason I went to school on Friday was because I had to attend the SSEF function. It was quite interesting as we are exposed to what is the level of research expected from us at the end of our few months of research at our respective projects, and it was not easy. It is already begin to scare me. Back at school, PW landed us more work as we are supposed to start on our GPPs already (Group Project Proposal) and my team consists of Aileen, Christiana, Yiran and Ashwin. This will prove to be quite a hard group to tackle, especially Ashwin. My PI second draft was returned with suggestions for only minor modifications, I guess this will make my life easier, at least. Then, that evening, we have ASEAN Night Fever. It is a kind of gathering for all ASEAN scholars all over Singapore that is organized by the ASEAN Representatives. We had games and dinner, and also some preformances. Meeting back also some friends, like Roger, Kevin, Wan Xin, Weivien and her gang, is actually quite a nice experience. It kind of makes me look back as to why I have problems with the Malaysians at my hostel. It went on till about eleven at night, and I rather enjoyed myself too… Moving on to today, I had the MiQ semi-finals. We were drawn to face RJ, AJ and Hwa Chong. As expected, RJ emerged group champions with a strong showing of 92 points, AC is second with 61. The competition was really really close, and every team had a chance to actually qualify, until the end, when RJ booked their ticket, and only AC and Hwa Chong were fighting for the right to enter the Finals. It all boiled down to one last question, where RJ did us a favour by intercepting, and effectively knocking Hwa Chong out. It was a thrilling semi-final, and the Finals will definitely be no better. I better start studying like mad for the Finals, which is set for the 13th of May. After the competition, as it was Amalina's birthday, Danial, Khairul and the gang went over to give her a surprise party. We hid in her computer room, while awaiting her. I could never forget her shocked expression when we shouted 'Surprise!' from the computer room. She was so shocked; she screamed and ran away. It was a truly classic reaction. Khairul will probably haunt her with that for a while. We then had a steamboat dinner at her house. It was definitely better than hostel food. I am finally starting to appreciate home food, they can be really good at times, even if you do not appreciate it when you have it. Argh! I still have a pile of homework waiting for me tomorrow… This does not bode well…


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