A Long Week

Ugh… I originally wrote another post with this same title earlier, but it accidentally got deleted in the process of updating the blog. 😦 So again, we recount the previous days… Monday had went on fine. Chapel was back to normal after Easter, and I had some running problems during PE. I was shivering after pushing myself too hard during the last PE session, and I was not eager to repeat it. So, my timing this time round was really bad. My PE tutor will probably make me run rounds again… Haih… As for CWC (Creative Writing Circle) this week, we played a new game with a murderer, doctor and detective. It was quite interesting, and I got to know a couple of the new members. Tuesday and Wednesday was punctured by the anticipation of the CB Paul Memorial Quiz. It was tough organizing it, and as the I/C of marking MCQs and structured questions, I had a harrowing time computing the marks. Some of the answers they gave was quite amusing though. One was of the opinion that balloons float up to the sky and burst when the pressure becomes too low as a by-product of Boyle's Law. Another rambled on and on about Gram staining, and then goes on to conclude that she did not even know what she was talking about (sound familiar?). As expected, RI managed a 1-2 brace to sweep the top two prizes. The third was RGS, closely followed by ACSI. NUS High did very good in the MCQ/Structured part, and they even had the top scorer, but they screwed up their practical, and as a consequence, could not make the last four. After the event, the teacher advisor of SMC treated us to Burger King (not bad…) And we reached the hostel at 10, completely exhausted, and missed laundry. Today morning, I woke up really late, and reached school wearing clothes I had been wearing for three days… Haih… SPHO was not really lenient either today. The questions were tough, and the equations manipulation was plain senseless. Looks like I have a lot of reading up to do. Couple that with Biology, Physics, Maths, KI and PI homework, and we get one hell of a work schedule… Now, all I want is just want this week to be over as soon as possible!!


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