Past and Future… Missing Present…

I recently read an article lately about living. It advised me to never dwell too much in the past, for it cannot be changed no matter how much you weep over it. It also advised me to never dream too much of the future, for it has not arrived and it is definitely uncertain. The article implied that living in the present is the best, for the present is the time you are living in, and you should concentrate on fixing your present. We fail to see that we are stark naked (Just a metaphor, for obvious reasons…) and instead we see ourselves wearing beautiful clothes that we lost or that we dream to earn. It is quite true really, though some people might beg to differ. And today, I find myself in a predicament for being the naked person above for the past week. Little effort has been done to catch up on my physics which had been mercilessly progressing faster and faster, and mathematics, which I fail to grasp certain key concepts because the terminology was too foreign for me to stomach. None of my problems have been resolved, I still have tons upon tons of overdue CCA work, which is bound to fall on me one of these days… The week had gone off progressively fine ever since the hitch last Thursday, and the effects of sleep deprivation has worn off somewhat, but I still feel tired and lazy, especially when I hear most of my roommates strumming the guitar next door… MiQ had also gone off rather well, with us being the champions of our quarter-finals. However, we are drawn to meet Serangoon JC (Not all that bad, they were quite good…), Meridian JC (Thanks to one of its members, they managed to pull off a late comeback and pipped Raffles JC in their quarter-finals, definitely not a team to underestimate) and Hwa Chong JC (Not what they were two years ago, when, according to our seniors, had a full scholars team and knocked ACJC out with ease, but still not a team to forget) in the semis. Not really a nice semi-final to be in, but still, we will have to try to make it to the finals. I have also learnt a lesson, that is to better go fully prepared next week… The questions were anything but simple… Currently, I am desperately slugging through my PI for the A-level Project Work, the worst choice for last minute homework, but it had been terribly dull, and I had not the interest to touch it till now. It is already stark obvious that I will have to rush it through, but hopefully, a little careful arrangement of words and formatting will help to allay that feeling… After all, I still have some time, luckily…


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