A Terrible Rush

6th April afternoon had a shock in store for me. As I had steadily known for about a week or so, I had failed the JPA, and I had to stay in Singapore. And as a result, I acted rather rashly on a couple of matters and had the whole world come crashing down in front of my eyes. And, as I slowly reeling over my mistakes, I was surprised by another piece of information that brought my world clattering down at my feet again. It seems that the JPA interview results were released in two waves, a rather stupid arrangement and well worth the criticism they get. Aih, the Goverment is truly a terribly ineffective one… Well, my qualification came with the second wave, and I only got wind of the second wave on the 6th, not very late considering thee distance the news had to travel… And when I went to check it, indeed, there it was, a letter, asking me to go for an interview on the 5th of April. Inwardly, I cursed aloud when I saw the date. Still shaken, I called my mother to confirm with her that it was the 5th (And ask her to forget fetching me back to Malaysia, for she had planned to do so). However, she was one step ahead, she had already called the JPA coordinator, and he asked us to be present at Shah Alam at 8 o’clock precisely tomorrow. This piece of information breathed a new breath of life into my spirit, but not my vigor. My parents finally arrived and fetched me at the hostel at 9. After a long, arduous journey, my tired parents (They had travelled double the distance I have) and I finally arrived at home at about two thirty a.m. I immediately got some sleep, and woke up at six. Then, we rushed to the interview center, where I was asked to take an aptitude test. The test was bloody obvious, for it is clear that column 1 was for engineers, 2 for scientist, 3 for artists and musicians, 4 for medics and psychologists, 5 for entrepreneurs and leading, and 6 for economists. Without hesitating, I decided to modify the answers to suit the profession of the course I was taking. After the aptitude test, I found out my interview was scheduled for two thirty p.m. Therefore, I rushed back to school to certify my certificates. At school, I bumped into a lot of my old teachers and we had a hearty, albeit unfortunately short, chat about life in Singapore. With all my certificates finalised and certified, I returned to Shah Alam (My parents became my unfortunate drivers) and continued with the interview which was delayed to three thirty. Finally making it into the interview room, I kind of screwed it up when I accidentally mentioned Jihad and Islamic Principles. Though I brought them back up to scratch by defending their principles (which is true), I don’t think they really enjoyed that particular part. However, that failed to bug me that night, for I was too tired. Enter Saturday, when I had to prepare for my trip back to Singapore. I stole some time off for my friends though. 🙂 After a brief Selayang Mall meeting with Jing Yi and some disc purchasing, I met Naresh for a brief chat. He was having a nice time with his national badminton circuit. Then, I went over to find Cowan and Eng Hong for lunch and games. Reaching home, I had to get ready my stuff for the trip tomorrow. Sunday passed fairly uneventfully, with farewells and goodbyes said, and now, I am back here, in the hostel, typing this blog. And oh yeah, not mentioning, a pile of homework just grinning at me. I just hope I can finish them…


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