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I think I will keep two blogs from now on… One at Blogspot and the other here at WordPress… Since both are relatively new, I guess I will have to start by introducing myself. I am a guy, currently residing in Singapore, 17, and studying for his A-levels. Originally a Malaysian citizen, I came here to broaden my horizons and realize my dreams. Haih, I am way too formal… Can't really help it, force of habit 😛 On a more serious note, something had happened a few days ago that really shook the foundations of my psychological makeup here in Singapore… Hopefully, I will get over it, but it is not likely in my current condition. To break down and whimper every night before falling asleep is a huge blow to anyone's pride and ego. However, I feel that it is better to do so than to let the emotions fester and rot within you till they finally burst out in a hail of supreme gore, my own… A few interesting things to note, that event actually enabled me to look better within myself and see the flaws that I had been making, and strive to correct those very same flaws that brought forth that disastrous event. In order to do so, I will have to be more secure, and less afraid of this forbidding new world I am in. A high task, especially for someone who just lost a great pillar of support and comfort that he had been holding on to for such a long time. But what can I say? Emotions are but chemical reactions that go on within us. Even so, that does not mean that I could conquer my own strong emotions without faltering… I am determined now to start anew and get back what I had lost and gain what I have lacked. Perhaps a brighter future awaits one who has the determination and courage to do so. (A/N : Oh yeah, and if this post does not make sense, the entries below are actually excerpts of my diary, hence, the two writing styles… Hopefully, I will be able to bridge the gap between my diary and my blog soon. :-))


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