DP: The Clouds Burst

Finally, the day all of us have been waiting for! It was the day our SPM results will finally be announced, and for good or for bad, we will have to take and live with it. The day started off fairly well with a early morning drink with Victor, Wan Xun and Mun Yee. All visibly shaken, we were awaiting either salvation or execution by the afternoon. Which was probably why when we received the call from Victor’s friend (dunno who…), butterflies could immediately be felt in our stomachs. Some of my friends endevoured to ask why do I care so much about my result when I am already happily studying in Singapore? My answer to them would be, even if I am studying in Singapore, there is no reason for me to completely flunk the SPM. Actually, it is all the more reason why I should score in this exam. So, painfully, we entered the canteen to get our results. My hand was (probably…) visibly shaking when I took my test results from the coordinator. At first, my whole being was washed over by a wave of relief, I had scored straight As. Then, the perfectionist in me began to take over. 3A2s??? Ok, I am beginning to sound like an unsatisfied baby. I know many people would have been euphoric to attain my results, but for me, it was a bit of a letdown. Perhaps, I should have studied harder. What’s past is past though. I should set my sights to the future, and strive to change it for the better! After the results, we went to Yen Hang’s house for some drinks and a mini-party. I took the time to catch up with some old friends, it was honestly quite fun. Then, I, Cowan and Yong Kai went to find Kaviness for a drink. We ended up in Taman Daya, sipping ‘teh tarik’ and discussing about the future. In retrospect, I could see where they are going, from the hints that they have dropped. Kavi will most likely try to head out of the country, given his low opinion of Form 6 and the matriculation, and if he fails, college is not an option for him (like me), he will head for Form 6. Cowan will set his sights to return to Form 6, his results was not that bad, but it was not very good either. It became a heavy pendant that pulled him down. Hope he will get better for STPM. Yong Kai will go to college, he is not the sort to stay in Form 6, probably The One Academy if he gets his wish to be an artist, but if his father wins, he will most likely be studying some pre-university or foundational course. Another person, Wei Keat, that I failed to mention earlier, was also on our list for evening ‘teh tarik’ that day, but he could not make it. He will go to TARC most likely, because he also had been hinting that. As for me, I will stay in Singapore, more likely than not, unless I am liberated by the JPA Scholarships. Question is now, do I have the luck to?


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