DP: ACJC Fun-O-Rama

Fun-O-Rama! The single largest event one would ever go through as a student of ACJC. I was stationed at the 1SA1 games stall, 'Mighty Ducks'. It was quite a silly game, but, hey, who's complaining? People come here to have fun and not to debate logic. Actually, Mighty Ducks is played by dropping ducks into rubber bands. and if the rubber bands get stuck onto the duck, you get a point. The main prize of the day is an iPod Nano worth S$300+. You will have to drop 20 ducks into 20 hoops consecutively. Not an easy feat! Going back to Fun-O-Rama… Originally, ACJC placed a target of S$750,000 to be raised. However, it could well be said that we had surpassed that goal. Actually on Fun-O-Rama day, most of us were just out to have some good fun. The increasing workload and stress of JC life was forgotten for once, and I am again another carefree figure. Ahh… And with the though of the March holidays (even if it is only a week long) illuminating the path ahead, things certainly looks better. I really hope to be able to go back soon. Mass PE is like hell here. It is tough to the point you want to quit ASAP. On the other hand, the feeling of impending SPM results and scholarship dilemmas are getting stronger too. My ties with the Malaysians are also weakening too… Haih, what can I do???


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