DP: Chinese New Year 2006

I returned back to Malaysia for Chinese New Year (Honestly, which sane West Malaysian scholar doesn't, if given a chance?) It was my first trip back to Malaysia from Singapore, and I was a little disoriented at first. I ended up walking 10 minutes from Woodlands Checkpoint to Merlin Tower. There, I bought a reload card for my DiGi number and called my mom to tell her I reached the bus agency safely. I then, put the handphone back into my pouch and headed for some roti canai. After a good meal, I went to check in at the bus counter. There were a lot of people there, and I had to push my way in to check-in. After the check-in, I noticed that my pocket was lacking something. My handphone just got stolen. I originally though I dropped it and ran all over Merlin Tower searching for it. In the end, after one hour of frantic searching, I gave up and took the bus home. As expected, I received a grilling from my parents, for losing the handphone. A lesson learnt, do not trust your pouch, pockets do better. Kind of makes me regret the security factor in Malaysia, Singapore is definitely safer than this. Going on to the Reunion Dinner, nothing much to be said. Just a normal dinner with my paternal family. The next night, I went over to Grandma's house to play with fireworks. It would seem that the Government is really serious about the fireworks ban. They even sent out a helicopter and plain-clothes policemen to catch perpetrators. I was caught, but luckily, since I was just playing the spinning crackers (had depleted the large guns from my uncle's arsenal), I was let off the hook. Lucky! I also tried to emulate last year's feat of house-visiting, but which such limited time (I had no holidays for Chinese New Year, just a lousy two day break), it was hard to find anyone. Haih… Next year, then. Back in Singapore, we were starting to have a feel of JC life. Homework are starting to pile up at an alarming rate, and none of them are your normal secondary school, one-hour-finish-all homeworks… CCAs have also gone into full swing. They really expect you to be there for everything and anything they host or do. That is definitely not the least bit easy, especially when you have a number of CCAs. My permanent CCAs are now CWC (Creative Writing Circle), SMC, Librarian, VR (Virtual Reality), Editorial Board and Shooting. I shall see how much of them I will actually get to hold on to. SRP results have also not returned yet (dunno whether should I keep my fingers crossed for it or against it), because if I get it, I forfeit half of the June holidays, which is A LOT. Singapore 'O' Levels have also been announced. I wonder how is SPM??? And how did I fare in it??? I am completely freaked out now…


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