DP: Education in Singapore

Time has a habit to fly past you and leave you dazed at times. I am already at Singapore for about three weeks now. This place now seems even more like a hostel, no longer the new and inept hostel that we had been staying in when we first arrived here. Anarchy no longer prevails, with people running all over. Law has begun to be enforced, and I fear this is just the beginning. Some people are already paying the price in the form of hourly reports. My relationship with my fellow countrymen have also deteriorated, and now, I feel like a stranger in front of them. A bad omen. Instead, by talking around, I have acquainted myself with the guards. They can also be quite a handful at times. Ha! Luckily, as the law gets strict, the facilities also get better. Though the computer and TV rooms are still not operational yet, at least the canteen is up and running. Gone are the days in which we take food from the canteen table a la buffet. Now, there is a special counter and a coupon system even. Although the doors are still currently unbarred, the new security cameras and stringent rules make it almost impossible to sneak around unseen anymore. Life in ACJC is also not that bad. We started off with the Orientation ACSperience. The storyline was quite interesting, we are in a world where stories are corrupted. Now, we are split into four lossehelins (Carnsir, Celahir, Glorfindel and Kyofu) , and then further split into orientation groups or OGs. My lossehelin is Carnsir and OG is Dreamship Surprise. Speaking of surprises, I was also surprised when the OGLs told us we had to learn the mass dance (a sort of performance put forth by the seniors earlier during the introduction of the storyline and lossehelins). I am hopeless at dancing, so dead… In the end, at least I managed to scrape through. My dance partner, Serene, also helped much in my mastering the dance, and put up with me and my mistakes. Thank you! The mass dance on the Campfire Night was not so bad. At least now I know I am not the only hopeless one. The Orientation on the whole was not that bad, instead it was rather fun. We met a lot of people and got to know the school better. We also learned how to cheer and dance. After the Orientation Week, we were given introductory lectures until our subject registration. (Other JCs had already started the syllabus while we were just starting our introductory lectures, guess we were lucky?) Fast forward to the subject registration, I took Maths, Physics, Chemistry and KI at H2 and Biology at H1. Guess I will have a busy timetable awaiting me. I was also streamed into the class 1SA1. Mrs. Malini Lim is my teacher. Her first comment though, was not an encouraging one. "When I first received your timetables, I though 'These poor students will have no life! They have packed themselves so full!'" Her exact words. But, she seems like a nice teacher, we should be okay under her… Also, I kind of immersed myself in too much CCAs. Shooting, Librarian, and SMC (Science and Mathematics Council), just to name a few. So, exhausted, I shall start a new chapter of my life.


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