DP: Last Day of Rest

I have grown to know quite a number of Malaysians in this hostel by now, there quite a number of them here. Besides my roommates and neighbours, there is also Victor, Wei Kit, Ronald, Shaun, Voon Ken, Janene, Esther, Christina, Stephanie, Tze Ning, Mandy, Yuek Ling and Sangiita. These, and the four of us, basically form the Malaysian J1 Direct Scholars line-up at Anglo-Chinese Junior College, allegedly ranked the 5th junior college in Singapore. After the briefing a couple of days ago on the issue of the new curriculum and stuff, we were placed into our JCs, due to start tomorrow. I can only wonder how will it be? Hostel life is also not that bad. Only at times, you will miss home a bit, and that is when you wonder why you are here. Truthfully, Singapore is not that different compared to Malaysia, so my culture shock is not that bad. But, still… On the whole, I have changed enough to actually mix around independently, or so I hope. However, as things normally go, they do not go that smoothly. Although I pulled the bunch of Malaysians together, but I never really immersed myself and mixed around with them that much. I am slowly drifting apart from them, for God knows what reason. Perhaps my subconscious was found that somehow, I am not compatible with them (might be a rubbish excuse, but it is rather viable too). However, they are still good friends, just that I get rather annoyed when they ignore me at times. It gives me the atmosphere of being back at school again. People only come to me when there is something to be helped or there is trouble. However, whenever something fun comes up, I am forgotten.


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