DP: Ranau and Singapore

The trip to Ranau was quite nice. We travelled to Ranau by car, a painstakingly uneven road riddled with corners and tight passes. By the end of the trip, even I was nauseous. I kind of pity Aunt Lily, because she was pregnant, hence, more susceptible to nausea. Anyway, we booked back into the chalet we stayed at two years ago when I came here for the first time. Mount Kinabalu, with all its majesty, still does not fail to impress me every time I see it. Probably the most impressive feature of Mount Kinabalu is its height. Rising to 4095 metres above sea level, it was the tallest mountain in Southeast Asia. We had a nice barbecue there, with all the proper rites of a barbecue. Uncle Man Thong also brought his adopted son, Nikol, along. Nikol is certainly spoilt, and we spent most of the journey taking care of him. Though troublesome at times, I have to admit, Nikol was rather good fun. We took a hike to the canopy walk first, before heading for the hot springs. The suspended bridge was nothing great, about the equal of FRIM's canopy walk. The hot water springs was unexpectedly different though. Really did not expect people to build tubs there. After a good bath, we left the chalet. Back at Kota Kinabalu, I finally convinced myself to leave for Singapore. I do not want to be plagued with what-ifs should I regret myself declining this offer. So, here I was rushing back to Kuala Lumpur again, and rushing to Singapore the next day. The hostel is rather new, and the manager's name is Mr. Wong, quite a nice person. I was assigned to room RB04-03. There are two Indian nationals staying next to me, Sai and Himavad. As SIA Scholars, I have to be careful of them, they should be very scary in studies. My roommate is another Malaysian (luckily) named Allen Lee. RB04-04's occupants are Alex Yeoh and Atlee Young (all Malaysians – both from MRSM). They are quite a nice bunch. I guess this might turn out rather good after all. Adios for now…


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