DP: Sabah Excursion

I took a flight to Sabah on the 10th of December, to pay a visit to my grandmother, and also to get far away from my life in Kepong. The days before coming here was hectic, marked with scoldings and grumblings from my parents about my insistence to go to Sabah. I took an overnight flight there, and arrived at about two in the morning. Uncle Hoong and Uncle Man Thong was awaiting me from the airport. It was raining, and I had to take an umbrella to disembark from the plane. They actually brought me to a pub before going home. Rather cool, but the smoke was a little disconcerting. I didn't mind it too much though, probably too tired to actually bother myself too much about it. After reaching Uncle Hoong's house, I fell straight to bed. As is normal, the next few days I spent glued to either the television screen or a book, attempting to indulge myself to the fullest before returning back. Uncle Hoong moved his house from Waikiki Heights to a new place that was a little further away from the city center. Kota Kinabalu can be quite a nice place, if you are seeking a quiet vacation. The pace of life there is less hectic and more moderate compared to suburban places in KL. My driving licence test is screwed, though. It seems that we need to possess the 'L' licence for a month first before we could practice driving. What rubbish. By the time one month is over, most people would have forgotten the traffic rules. JPJ truly has no logic… As for the ASEAN Scholarships, the results have been announced. I had been granted the Probationary Scholarship, and assigned to a place called NUS High School Hostel. Han Wuen hinted I might be assigned to NUS High then. I guess I wouldn't mind if I am. As for Shu Heng, he had also received his letter, and he was assigned to Oldham Hall. Weivien is also going to Oldham Hall. Haih, I am the only guy left out. Feel like jumping ship and staying here. But, I would also cherish the feeling of independence. What shall I do?  Decisions, decisions… Back to today, I went with Uncle Hoong to Pulau Manukan. We wanted to paraglide, but strong winds and rain prevented us from paragliding from early morning to late afternoon. We just walked around the island, which was small and not really interesting, and rotted there. Just as we touched foot again on the mainland, the weather took a turn for the better, and our paragliding was booked for later. So, we went back home, took a bath and returned to paraglide. It was scary at first, but quite fun once you get the hang of it. The view from the top is magnificent. Tomorrow, we are headed for Ranau to go to the Hot Springs. This will also prove to be fun…


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