DP: End of An Era

Finally, the SPM, ASEAN Selection Test and the 'L' Licence tests are all over. Truthfully speaking, out of all the three tests, only the 'L' Licence test was easy. I guess that is exactly the why the road is riddled with mad and reckless drivers nowadays. People did not even had to understand much of the traffic rules to pass the test, let alone drive on the road. But, as easy goes, unfortunately, I still failed to achieve the perfect score that I coveted. Well, guess I will have to settle for 49 over 50. Back to the ASEAN Interviews, which was on the 4th of December, exactly a day before the last day of SPM. I went with Yan Yin, who hitched a ride in my car, and met Weivien there. It was a rather fun experience. For the general ability test, we were assigned to a room. When the electricity went out in our room (bad planning and facilities), they asked whether the electricity problems was part of the exam. Quite hilarious, actually. I also met a girl who looked similar to Kim Foong at the exam hall. At first, I though it was her, but then, my mind's rationale reminded me it could not be. And true to logic, it was not her. She was rather surprised though when I said the girl who sits behind me looked like her. Must be thinking I want to go after her. Haha. The next day marks the end of the SPM exams. Farewells were shared, and school leaving certificates and testimonials were also given out. The paper on the last day, Principles of Accounting Paper 1, was ridiculously simple. I had to check it about 20 times, just to make sure that I don't fall asleep in the exam hall, and keep my promise of not leaving the exam hall early. As I walked out of the exam hall, a huge sense of relief swept over my whole body, only to be replaces moments later with a revelation that my results are out of my hands now. I have a feeling the trial of my sanity has just begun with the end of SPM. 6th December became a day of rest for me and I savoured the taste of peace and freedom with relish. Have not felt so free in a long time. Yet I still have a long road to travel ahead of me. Does it ever end? Yesterday, which was my birthday, that I finally remembered after a few years of forgetfulness, also passed quite eventfully. We had our PRIAS jamuan on that day too, to commemorate our PRIAS success. The food was quite good, and I got to keep the change, as the birthday boy, lucky me. (I was running rather low on financial resources anyway) 🙂 After the excellent dinner, with our mood much more subdued, I, Pusaran, Eng Hoong and the gang, together with Yen Ching, went on a trip to 1 Utama. The trip did not turn out that interesting, with Pusaran disappearing off with Yen Ching somewhere for their own convenience (much to our inconvenience, because we needed to get home early, and it was already really late) and I got home late. Yong Kai, Jun Chiet and me almost got our pants bored off. (Lesson : Never go out with couples, unless you are one of them) Speaking of couples, I finally clarified my stance with Jing Yi. I I just hope she is not that hurt. I feel very bad too. My first break-up, it really was not pretty. I just wonder if she is crying right now, because I feel like following suit too. Does that mean I actually like her? However, before I can dabble any further into this relationship, I better clarify my own feelings first…


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