DP: Trials and Tribulations of SPM

The first week of SPM has passed, with full ceremony… Truth be told, I have regrets in all the exams. I really dunno what to say. Too troubled to actually talk the fears out loud for fear they might actually manifest. However, I guess every dark storm cloud cloud has a silver lining behind it. We at least got a huge break on Wednesday, allowing for some studying in between Mathematics, which should be a good thing. And a good thing it was. That time I had my first kiss with Jing Yi. The feeling was sweet, but not in a way that a person could easily describe. Taste? I think I would rather not dwell on that… She was rather willing, but I know this would not bode well. We know very well that this relationship would not last, and now I feel guilty for bringing it so far. I really dont want to hurt her feelings… Haih, the turbulence in me is amazing. What's important is the exams though. Will have to concentrate on that first. On a lighter note, tomorrow would be Papa and Popo's birthdays. I really have no idea what to get for them though. Probably, I would just fold stuff up again, and drop it off to them. Moral's up tomorrow, anyway. I am in for a great big ride…


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  1. now i oni found out this post… u make me recalling all our memories, what i can say…hmmm, although it’s over, but it still sweet in my mind. =)

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