DP: Updates

Another very eventful month passed. Some progresses in relationships, some shreds of doubts, and much pressure has eveolved over this time frame. SPM is very, very close now, just milimetres away. The pressure, however, is still as easy-going as ever, but I can really feel my subconcious cracking. It is like that feeling where you know you will die, but you are too numb too feel anything about it anymore. Looks like the pressure comes from further down than I thought. Back to current events, Popo is going back on the 24th of November (It is confirmed!) and Kin Kuan will only come down to KL on the first day of SPM, which is the 14th of November. Argh! How dare he?! But, I cant really blame him though, it was not easy to find a good time to come back here, but on the 24th? Haih, just my bad luck… Everyone just seems to be coming back on that day! (including Uncle Hoong). Additionally, I have my history to catch up on. This is not good! Really wish I have more time now! At least I can take consolation in the fact that my relationship with Jing Yi is commencing well. I am still not too sure about my feelings with her, but I have indeed confirmed that i indeed like her… As a sister or more, is the problem. I will have to solve this after SPM… On another aspect, my wallet is rather broke, and I have to buy a gift for Popo, Mummy and Papa whose birthdays are coming up too… Couple this with driving, and I am really losing it. I am really, really confused and phased out. Hope this will end soon…


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