DP: Post-Trials…

One eventful month have passed, in which much has occured, and little mentioned. Perhaps, as now the sands of time slowly wash over them, they are hardly recognisable anymore and perhaps shall remain forever buried in the graveyard of memories. Looking back at school, the four troublemakers have stuck closer than ever before, earning them the title of ‘The Four Heavenly Kings’. God knows who coined the title for them, but oddly, it fits rather well. Their antics have brought naught but trouble. As they have gained access into the computer lab, they have defiled the place, eating and dirtying the room. This has led to a revolution led by the principal and vice principal which ended in me getting a scolding and losing the authority over the key of the room. Things happen, just that this should not have… Haih, I am not making much sense, am I? Too sleepy, I guess… The ethyl ethanoate had wanted to break up with the guy, but after some sweet-talking, he managed to talk her out of it. How soft can a woman’s heart be? All of us really gave up on advising her anymore for if she is so committed in the first place, why seek our opinion? If she insists that he is innocent after hearing us out, why bother to ask? Why bother to seek out information from us? I will never understand the weird things that girls do, ever… On my own front of relationships, Jing Yi and I had officially become a couple. I kind of asked her through sms, and even then, I was not sure… Kind of a weird way to start of a relationship, but whatever goes, I guess… Today, I held hands with her for the first time. It was a beautiful experience, but, I still cannot manage to get that shred of doubt out of my head. Hopefully, it will leave soon. Back on my trails, they had emerged okay, I think. However, 8A1 1A2 2B3 is hardly a result worthy of too much praise. Looks like I will need to read up more on my Sejarah and Moral departments. Tomorrow, I will still have to go to Kuala Lumpur City Center on a trip, and an errand of my school counselor. Tomorrow is going to be a long day too, I guess…


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