DP: Inter-Trials…

1st September was truly the worst day of the Percubaan. We had to run up and down to search for our Accounts paper that had went conveniently ‘missing’. The Accounts panel head had actually ‘forgotten’ our request to take the paper and forgot to obtain test papers for us… Actually, I was a fool no to expect this, because we had earlier encountered much resistances over our sitting of the Accounts paper in our trials. It took a lot of work for it even to be possible for us to sit for the trails. Now, we have no exam papers for our trials. We only knew about it about thirty minutes in the exam. As the arts classes are happily going through their exam, the science students were forced to find a teacher to help print the papers and invigilate our test. Luckily, a discipline teacher rose to the occasion, and for that i am deeply indebted to her… We sat for our papers one hour late, and did not receive extra time. Luckily, the objective part was not hard, and Paper 2 came in time. The Accounts teacher also then graciously accepted our request to mark our papers. (A/N: Still can’t believe I managed to pull off such a huge stunt after so long). On another note, the four troublemakers in the school (They have firmly established themselves as a gang now) got in trouble twice this week. A little interfering and meddling from another disgruntled soul and Katak was enough to earn them a ‘ponteng’ charge and a good scolding. EST had also went well, but this morning was, haih, dun really wish to talk about it… The evening was rather good, though. My family and I had a nice little Western dinner. I think I will start studying ‘Saraf’ now… After all, Biology is due up tomorrow.


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