DP: Cocurricular Awards Ceremony 2005

After tons and tons of effort, I finally receive my certificates! Oh, the horror of processing my own application forms and guiding each of the forms through the screening and filtering process was not an easy job. I had to contend my wits with the cocurricular coordinator over certain matters that if discredited by him, would make a considerable amount of people fail to get their certificates. Luckily, I pulled through, and our members get their certificates. My final haul was 5 Sijil Kecemerlangan and 3 Sijil Penghargaan (Two thanks to my counsellor, and the other, i pulled it through, somehow…). Not a bad haul! It was one of the largest haul in the school. Hehe… The Tokoh Emas goes to Pusaran, who got his three requisite Sijil Kecemerlangan in three different fields (A/N: I only managed to get two fields with kecemerlangan, the third field I only got penghargaan). Though I am not too happy about being stepped over by other people, I don't really covet the title of Tokoh Emas, for I had never been very involved in uniformed units, and it was one of the requisite fields. All in all, a lot of people got what they deserved, what they had worked really hard for. And so, it was a rather joyous occasion. On the other hand, Percubaan has also already started and the end is far from sight…


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