DP: Ascension of A New Generation II

We lost the Law Olympiad… Haih… And as more and more clubs are finally wrapping up their schedule for the year, my clubs have also followed suit. I had to take my bike to the Computer Club AGM or Annual General Meeting today, and got involved in a front-tyre-on-front-tyre accident with a motorcycle… Luckily, both of us was not hurt, but my rim damage cost me a whooping RM30. That burnt a nice big hole in my pocket. After sending it to the bicycle repair shop, I hurried to school, just to reach in time for the AGM. The AGM ended quite nicely, with Di Juin becoming the next president. The new committee have now been sworn into office, well, the old committee's work is now done. As I let go of my numerous posts, I discovered exactly how much burden each post placed on me. Without the burden of the post, I could actually feel myself getting lighter and my mind clearer… It was a fantastic feeling. But however, the main source of my anxiety has yet to pass… Percubaan is very much closer now, and I am not wholly prepared for it, be it in mind or in spirit. And with another tuition class to add to my schedule, I find myself searching for free time… Anyhow, I also had the Sijil Kecemerlangan to ponder today. (A/N: Sijil Kecemerlangan is a certificate certifying you have contributed a certain amount of contribution to your CCA.) Hopefully, I have two of those in hand, and two more in the making. I also wish to get one for scouts, but I am not very sure about how feasible that is… Back to the prefectorial board, I did the KUK (Ketua Unit Komputer) Quiz today, to find my successor. However, I am horribly disappointed when most of the juniors did not even bother with the instructions, and proceeded straight to the general knowledge paper… Haih, I was even more horrified to see my senior test subjects doing the same… I guess, that shows me the ability of prefects to follow instructions and comprehend English. Headaches, headaches…


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