DP: Ascension of A New Generation

Ahh… Finally our retirement is in sight. Well, it had not exactly been a carefree year… After all, having many positions can bug you a lot. But, it was also fun while it lasted. As SPM looms ever larger in the horizon, the seniors are finally thinking of who will be their successors for next year… A bit late, I agree, as things are now hardly what they seem, possibly because that all the juniors are working hard to gurantee themselves a secure post next year. A good candidate cannot be easily identified as everyone suddenly becomes very compotent, though their true nature is extremely lazy… Everything said and done, I enjoyed the intense cocurricular involvement i had this year and would be quite prepared to go through it all over again… Haha… IT Zone, a computer exhibition, has just concluded, providing us a generous profit, enough for our end-year jamuan. The official school forum has also livened up a bit, though not very much, admittedly… Enmities have also been on the rise. Maybe it is because of approaching exams that everyone is so tensed up… Haih… With percubaan round the corner, I find my clashes with people getting more frequent. Chong, Sai Khong and Aizuddin, all catalysts to my already mountainous problems. On a lighter note, my magazine dummy had been completed and sent for printing. Well, that is at least one burden off my shoulders as the Editorial Board of 2005 draws to a close… All's well then, and I also have the Law Olympiad tomorrow… Wish me luck…


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