DP: The Grip of Exams

SPM is steadily creeping ever closer and closer… I cannot really feel peace anymore. Wonder what is in store for me?? This week, I had been literally bogged down with homework. (post-holiday homework, mind you…) Luckily, by today, most of my homeworks are done. Only one more is left, which is my Moral Project. Some of our seniors used to call our Moral teacher "Maharani", which means empress, because of the way she walk and her voice which goes from low-pitched to high-pitched in every sentence. However, our class gave a different name to her. We called her "Zombie", just for her talent of putting the whole class into a zombie-like bored state. We could not sleep though, or we shall face her wrath. Which brings me to another of my teachers, which is my physics teacher for two years, in Form 4 and Form 5. She is feasibly the "best" physics teacher alive. Rumour has it that she was top student in the district for physics, but we don't really care of her reputation. It is her ability to teach. She can't really teach. Best she could do is put a couple of transparencies, and hope that we could decipher the meaning on the transparencies ourselves. However, her most classic answer was to my friend. When he challenged her as to why the answer should be derived that way (He was stupid too, I agree.), she told him, "Sekarang, saya cikgu ke, kamu cikgu? Kalau pandai sangat, mari sini ajar!", which when translated, roughly means, "Now, am I the teacher or are you? If you are that good, come up and teach!" Really a comic book answer… Back to today, well, the Lower 6 seniors who was not very happy with the way things are run wanted to do a revamp. My heart goes out with them, but I know they will never succeed… If there were to be a revamp, it would spell the end of the prefectorial board itself, as our cocurriculum coordinator has specifically hinted, any organisation that was unstable enough to allow a reshuffle, will be disbanded and terminated. That would be a nightmare. The teacher-advisors would not allow such an atrocity to happen, certainly! As for me, my mood is rather good, for I will have an EST Camp this Saturday and I have also been rejected from National Service. The question now is, should I volunteer?


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