DP: Mid-terms… AH!!!

It has been quite some time since Popo went back to Sabah. 9 days, to be exact. I am now currently writing this from home, my real home. Most of my stuff is now here, including my bike. I go to school by car now, as opposed to cycling, which I had so loved to do, and walk back home, unless I wait for Mummy, who finishes work at 5. Slowly adapting to the changes, I think I will not get used to it anytime soon. Maybe much later… Haha… As for mid-term, it is a harrowing experience… Lack of sleep, terribly tough exam questions, coupled with extra pressure from Papa and Mummy really can do a lot in breaking one person. Even more so now, as I now live under their constant scrutinisation. Well, as usual, they gave me a lecture on my computing hours. It would seem to them that I study very little. Quite true, actually. I no longer have that craving edge over studying that I usually get as I approach an exam. Maybe, it will appear during SPM, hopefully… But, confronted by your parents, I was did what the normal average teenager would do, deny everything and anything. Really, I should start studying to avoid disappointing myself when i get my SPM results. Haha… Now, as I am back at my own home, I no longer have a maid to clean the house. Learning to be independent is not hard actually, because I never really depended much on her. One plus point that I can see so far is, at least I do not have to listen to Popo's grumblings and misgivings about the maid anymore… Hehe…


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