DP: Friday the Thirteenth and Exams at a Mamak Stall

Friday the Thirteenth. I did not even notice that today was Friday the Thirteenth until I am writing this. Interesting… Some little background information on Friday the Thirteenth from the book "Da Vinci Code" attributes the superstition behind Friday the Thirteenth to the slaughter of the Knights' Templar on a Friday the Thirteenth many, many years ago. It was said many of them were ruthlessly captured, tortured and executed. Such was the tragedy that happened in ages past. It also goes to show that humans are indeed capable of committing genocidal acts. (Although this is purely limited to a class or group of individuals, yet the scope was huge.) Away from the history of today, today is also the beginning of my mid-year term exams. If you wanted to count precisely, it was not today, but yesterday. We had to go get the present for PRIAS, as we had won a consolation place. But, they were determined to befuddle us to the very end. It seems that the ceremony had been cancelled due to some sponsor problems… (They have seemingly pulled out, unannounced.) And so, we ended up taking out exams in a mamak stall beside the building where we were supposed to receive our present. Imagine sipping tea and eating roti canai while taking an exam. Honestly, it was THE EXPERIENCE of a lifetime. Honestly speaking, it was rather fun. We all ended up quite grateful to the weird turn of events that led to us having an exam at a mamak stall, a totally unheard of and ridiculous notion. Also, I received a rather nasty end of a little work from Chong. Haih… He seems to love spreading mayhem and havoc to wherever he is at any particular point of time. Perhaps it is his nature… I do not know… But one thing is for sure, he is rapidly becoming a liability for everyone, and is also steadily gaining infamy in the school, rapidly matching the infamy of Miss Gan or Katak. We shall see which will be the more notorious by the end of year…


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