DP: Discourses on Trust

I am getting more and more discouraged nowadays. It is like I can no longer trust anyone around me anymore. There is that feeling that everyone has a hidden agenda against you. Perhaps it has been so for a long time and I just was blunt enough not to notice it. Or maybe I am just paranoid, and imagining castles in the sky. But one thing is for sure, everyone is after power and achievement right now, because all of us have waited five years to reach our position now, and surely we want something memorable to happen before we leave school so that we would have a fond and nice memory of us having meant something in the five years that we have slugged here and not just pass through the school uselessly like most students do. We want to make a difference here. Perhaps, that is why our minds are closed and guarded now… This atmosphere is truly choking. I feel like I want to disappear into thin air, vanishing into the depths unknown, leaving my identity behind. Hopefully, I don’t have to… I like it here. As for all the events that has passed, they had run normally and brought along some rather fond memories with us. Perhaps now we as organizers finally know how flexible a schedule can be… And how badly things can go if someone does anything wrong… Also, Popo’s maid got a phone call today. It came as a rude awakening to how insecure Popo’s household can be… My family can be very paranoid at times, imagining things when they are not there… Maybe that is why i am feeling paranoid right now.. Just a few days ago, I felt the feeling of triumph as I completed the basic hacking challenge at hackthissite! YES! But this feeling of triumph was quickly overshadowed by assignment deadlines and monthly tests as they get woven closer and closer together… Teachers never seem to appreciate how little time we have and just want everything to happen at once. They also only blame you for your mistakes and successes often go unnoticed. I guess such is the nature of man, and it will be so for all eternity and never change for it is well ingrained within all of us… It is embedded within our most basic data, our genes… And as a footnote, we got consolation prize for PRIAS! Haha…


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