DP: Work, Work And More Work

More than a month has passed since my last entry here. We lost the debates at the quarter-finals. I was sick, and Deven Ruben replaced me. Well, the opposition team at Rahman Putra (Yes, we beat Taman Ehsan :-)) literally took Deven and tore his case apart. Haih, not much can be done, since Kaviness was also not very active, but i wish i could have taken part instead. I could have withstood Mishyan's psychological attack much better, he was way too inexperienced… Anyway, it is all over now… No point bickering over it… As for the pawagam, it has finally finished, and we raked up some losses because it was not completely finished. We only had three weeks instead of four because of an unforeseen monthly test. Not a good thing. One good thing that happened though is that i have won the school essay writing competition at first place. It was held in conjunction with the monthly exam and i just received the prize of a dictionary. And as i have said earlier, the monthly assessments are lurking round the corner. My internet also got busted, hope it will be repaired soon… Or Streamyx will come soon (A/N: Not yet as of 3rd April 2006.) And I also have some very, very urgent matters at hand. Examples include the prefects' family day, the prefect's kursus kepimpinan, 2 chess competitions, my chemistry quiz, editorial work, and of course, the classic homework… I am also currently going after two girls currently, but I am kind of receiving weird responses from both. Kim Foong said she wanted to be friends and Weivien, well hasn't said anything yet… Haih, before I elaborate more, I think I will have to return to my pile of work first… (starts scribbling homework again)


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