DP: Late Update

Chinese New Year has finally ended. Thus, the goodbyes are said to nights punctured by the noise of fireworks… A lot has happened since my previous entry (LOL, this is getting a bit frequent…) Workload has increased to a crazy rate, thanks to the Interschool Parliamentary Debate Competition. This year, the English competition worked against us, as defending champions for choral speaking in 2004, the tournament was scraped off this year… No fair, we don't even get a chance to defend out title… Haih… And speaking for debate, i won the first round! Yea! But I shouldn't let that stick to my head. The school we faced wasn't that good at all. It was Bukit Gading, a predominantly Malay school, therefore, the standard of English there is not really that high… Now, we are busy preparing for the second round against Taman Ehsan… They are quite good… Can't underestimate them… Haih, so now i experience more skipped classes and more piling homework. And also more angry teachers! And as an end note, the Pawagam is finally about to begin. Wonder how will the reception be? Well, I hope it will be good. The first movie will be Constantine. Now, we shall see how this goes…


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