DP: Chinese New Year 2005!

HAHA! Finally, it is Chinese New Year, with all its festivities and angpows… Fireworks will definitely keep you up through the night… It will get very hard to sleep… But, I don't mind, after all, it is a once-in-a-year thing… Uncle Hoong bought a LOT of fireworks for Chinese New Year. He bought all of them from his friend in Jinjang. It is rather illegal to purchase fireworks and light them, but still, it is a Chinese tradition. It will not die out! Also, as part of our Chinese New Year, we also organised an "ang-pow" trip. Originally meant by me and Pusaran for prefects only, however, due to the lousy turn-up (only 2 of us!), we went to our friend's houses instead. We visited a total of 8 houses (Mun Loong, Jacqueline, Boon Tick, Mei Chin & Moi Yee, Siew Yan, Shu Heng, Cheng Sheng and finally Cowan himself), which is quite ok la… People joined in during the trip too… At one point, we had a total of 8 people walking together. A really nice day, if you discount the tired and aching legs. (Yes, we walked… Had no car yet…) However, we would have loved to visit Tsen Loong though, but his family unfortunately had a death, and we could not visit him for the 100 days are not up… Poor guy… 


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