DP: Mini Vacation

A lot has happened since my last entry… I had buried a cat, made "kuih kapet" and solved many problems as well as encountering many more… (A/N: A cat was found dead behind my home one day. It was a rotting carcass by the time we found it because none of us actually go behind our house, because there is nothing there. We only found out when a powerful stench permeated the kitchen. Luckily, we dont cook food much here. And yes, this is at my house, not my Grandma's house. So, my dad and I had to shovel the ground behind my house for a decently deep hole, and buried the cat there. I even stacked some stones over its' grave. Just as a reminder, I guess…) Back to the story, at least my Friendster and e-mail contacts are getting a healthy growth rate… Hehe… Ahh, a vacation can work wonders on you… 4 days helps a lot to rejuvenate someone… I am also finally starting the Form 6 Maths syllabus by buying a reference book. Well, at least my facilitating duties are over. So, I will have some time to go through them… It is quite fun threatening Ah Bee with "Mahu pass tak?" Actually it is my little revenge on him for being such a pain. Might be a bit harsh, but who cares?  I had worse days as a junior. For once, he fully listens to me… I also did some painting today and I do mean painting as in painting the walls. The former meaning had also been done… I managed to paint a satisfactorily real bird's eye on my newly finished bird painting. I am also planning to start writing a story… Wonder whether will this idea ever take off from the idea board?


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