DP: School Begins…

I have come down with a flu… Achoo! Well, first week of the school year is always a tiring week, and I gained a terrific migraine handling it. I am finally in Form 5! The senior year of the school!! Well, truthfully speaking, I didn't feel anything much about it, not even the anxiety I felt when I was in Form 3 and had to sit for the PMR examinations. Guess I got used to it? (A/N: Looking back, I probably was too relaxed to feel the heat. Don't ask me why… I dunno.) And since I went to Cameron Highlands for the camp, I had to become facilitators for the Form 1 Orientation this year, not really good… But that is what I wanted, I think. After all, my brother is Form 1 this year… šŸ™‚ (A/N: Never got to actually interact with my brother during the orientation… Haih…) Though now I wonder, what have I gotten out of today? Sure, I have enhanced some realtionships from acquaintences to friends but, what exactly did I get from today? And by the way, I qualified for EST because I sat for the test today whereas Chong and Puvain did not. Should I be viciously jubilant?


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