DP: Two Trips Not To Be Forgotten

Ahh… A wonderful trip to Cameron Highlands with visits to MARDI, the bee farm, Cactus Point, Lily Garden and many other interesting places. Cameron Highland was rather cold, but luckily I had some natural insulators (A bit fat… Haih… Can't seem to slim down… It kind of runs in the family) to keep me warm. The facilitators camp was fun. It had many activities. Just had a catch. We will have to facilitate the Form 1s next year… Not really a catch, in a manner of speaking… This will be fun… Immediately after that, my family decided to go on a trip to Penang which proved to be not such a wise idea after all… We arrived in Penang on the day of the tsunami (26th December 2004). Uncle Hoong called us as soon as he reached the airport (A/N: He was returning to Sabah, where he works as a Chief Inspector at Kota Kinabalu) saying that a earthquake and tsunami had hit Acheh and the tsunami also wrecked Penang and he was worried. Luckily, at that time, we had decided to stop at Ipoh for lunch. Had we not, we would have arrived at about the time the tsunami hit Penang, on the exact same stretch of road we were planning to travel by. (shudders) Otherwise, well… I don't wish to think about it. When we reached the hotel, we heard tourists exchanging their own experiences of the earthquake. It would seem the December 26 Earthquake could be felt even from Penang. Those living from the 10th floor onwards all reported shaking strong enough to wake them from their nap. Aih, what a tragedy. And oh yeah, the Playstation 2 was finally fixed after such long delays… Now, I have played KIngdom Hearts up to Atlantica. But, school is ever drawing near. Can't really say I am looking forward to the new school term. Sure, I am really bored now, but Form 5 will err… let's just say it will not be pleasant. SPM year… It is definitely forbidding…


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