DP: Another Update

Hmm… An eventful forthnight has passed. For starters, I found a wallet containing RM800++ in it. And in all honesty, I returned the wallet (through my parents) and I really feel good about it. Suprising, since i believed in the principle of finders keepers and losers weepers. But, i guess, my conscience won out in the end, and kind of made me return the wallet. He actually gave us a generous hamper in return. I guess what goes around, comes around. On another note, for some weird and unknown reason, I have been having this weird dreams lately. (Not from KH, please… This is real!) Really strange… But I think I would rather not dwell on that. Unpleasant memories are best left grounded sometimes. And, I overheard in bed today (by pretending to be asleep) Uncle Hoong telling Popo how frustruated he is and wants to sell Grandpa's house. (A/N: I stay in my Grandma's house usually… Don't really go home that often… And i often find myself subconciously awake at times too, but unable to completely wake up) Popo sure is not too happy about that. After all, she had lived there for many years (3 decades and counting…) and had many friends around Kepong. What people say in a temper can't really account for much anyway, because after all, Uncle Hoong was not calm at that time. And as for tomorrow, I am going for a Facilitators Camp in Cameron Highlands. Some fun will surely come along. Till later, au revoir.


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