DP: A Special Day

Popo has recovered. It seems that her leg was ok after all. Hurray! And today is also my birthday!! Hehe… The day started off uneventfully enough. As suspected, close to no one remembered this day. Can't really blam them though, I myself forgot about today until I glanced at my watch. Well, since PRIAS work was completed a week ago (It took one whole month of my Form 4 holidays… Haih…), I was quite free today. Today was also the day Mummy sat for her PTK or "Penilaian Tahap Kecemerlangan" or something test… It is a test newly implimented by the Malaysian Government to determine promotion among the government servants. It is also supposed to promote lifelong learning. (My own suspicion: Another way for the Malays to consolidate themselves in the places of power. Well, you can't hope to change Malaysia.) And also, today is my parents' anniversary. (Wonder why was I born on my parents anniversary? It is a very curious coincidence.) Anyway, I am quite happy because at least some friends remembered my birthday. Like Pusaran (Cowan), Kayu (Cheah Yu – which Pusaran told) and Han Wuen (also because of Pusaran?). Still, I am happy. (A/N : The reason why Cowan remembered is probably because mine is on 7th December whilst his is on 12th July.) Still, I am happy. Since Mummy can't send me to tuition today, I had to take a bus. Boy, the bus actually went up the pavement when the road was too full. Haih, our transport system is really… After tuition, my family also remembered my birthday 🙂 Happy… Hehe… HAPPY 16th BIRTHDAY!!


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